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We are excited to highlight our latest activation for Huawei, which took place at the CC Almaza Mall. Huawei is a renowned global brand, and our team was honored to collaborate with them on this engaging event. The activation was designed to captivate mall visitors and provide them with an immersive and interactive experience showcasing Huawei’s latest technology and products. From eye-catching displays to engaging demonstrations, we created a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere that attracted attention and sparked curiosity. Attendees had the opportunity to explore Huawei’s cutting-edge smartphones, tablets, and wearables, while also experiencing live demonstrations and participating in exciting contests and giveaways. The event successfully generated buzz around the Huawei brand in the mall, and the positive response from visitors showcased the impact of our activation. We are proud to have created an unforgettable experience for Huawei and the CC Almaza Mall visitors, pushing the boundaries of engagement and creating a memorable interaction between consumers and the brand.